AMGO OHX-10 10 2 Post Car Lifts


The Amgo OHX-10 10 2 post car lift is one of the highest quality cars lifts available today. It comes with the best warranty in the industry, covering the structure, hydraulics and electrical components. It is made to the highest standards, using bronze bushings and self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders. Visit Mechanic Superstore which uses NOK seals to ensure reliability and low service requirements.


The AMGO BP-9X car lift is a high quality and reliable car lift that has been designed with the needs of mechanics in mind. It comes with a five-year structural warranty and three-year hydraulics warranty. There are also optional accessories and combo packages available.

The AMGO BP-9X car lift features a base plate design and a high-performance lift with a 9,000 lb. capacity. It also features three stage telescopic lift arms and an installation height of under 112 inches, making it ideal for garages with low ceilings. This lift also features an aircraft-grade synchronization cable and a single-point release switch.


The AMGO OHX-10X two post car lift is an ideal option for heavy-duty use. With a capacity of ten thousand pounds, it is ideal for commercial repair facilities and for the home mechanic. Its sturdy construction and self-lubricating bush make it virtually maintenance-free.

This two post car lift is available in a wide variety of configurations. You can choose from symmetric or asymmetric arms depending on your needs. This model is ideal for low ceiling garages. This lift is also equipped with automatic arm restraints and a single point release switch for ease of use.

OHX-10 10 accessories

The AMGO OHX-10 telescoping lift is a high-quality vehicle lift with a 10,000-lb weight capacity and Super Asymmetric lift arms. It is designed for garages with a ceiling height of at least 12 feet. It has a 71-1/2''-80-1/2'' range, with an auto shut-off feature on the cross bar. AMGO also offers an optional extra-height version.

AMGO OHX-10 10 specifications

The Amgo OHX-10 is a powerful, high-quality lift that can lift up to 10,000 pounds. It features a clear floor lift and Super Asymmetric lift arms with telescoping capabilities. Its lift height is 71 1/2' to 80 1/2', and it also has an auto-shutoff feature on the cross bar. These features help make it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications.

Atlas OHX-10X

The Atlas OHX-10X two-post car lift is the most durable and professional grade two-post lift on the market. The PV series by Atlas has been making these above-ground car lifts for over a decade, and some customers describe their models as "bulletproof and tougher than nails". This lift is perfect for professional shops that need a heavy-duty lift with many lifting capabilities, or for those who need a simple but effective car lift for a home garage.

The Atlas OHX-10X 2 post car lift system is designed for professionals who work with cars, trucks, and vans. It features a direct-drive hydraulic system that minimizes wear. Dual hydraulic cylinders are ANSI-certified and feature oil seals. It also has a bronze bush and self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders. The OHX-10X is easily installed and requires only three people to use.